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Webcast: Transgender Equality

Objectives Review appropriate terminology to use when working with transgender patients/clients Discuss the history of transgender activism, visibility, and violent repercussions in the United States List the legal accomplishments benefitting the transgender community...

Webinar: The Role of Religion & Stigma on HIV/AIDS Healthcare

Objectives Understand the role of religion and HIV/AIDS-related stigma in the healthcare setting. Discuss the current scientific research on religion and HIV/AIDS-related stigma among healthcare providers. Discuss the implications and future research on religion and...

Webinar: Pharmacist Involvement In HIV Care

Objectives Describe the unique role of pharmacists in patient education and engagement List ways pharmacists can empower patients in the management of their own care Discuss the patient/pharmacist/provider relationship and its importance to positive health outcomes...

Webinar: Update on HIV and Cardiovascular Disease

Objectives Review the current evidence of cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected patients Identify specific risk factors for cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected patients Discuss the prevention and management of coronary artery disease in patients with HIV Presented...

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