Helpful Links

Information is empowering for those infected with and affected by HIV disease.

However, information cannot replace the judgment and medical expertise of a good treating physician. Only an experienced and specialized center can best address the needs of the HIV/AIDS patient. Early intervention is best since each patient’s physical response to the disease is different. The earlier a patient is seen after receiving a positive HIV test result, the higher quality of life the patient can experience. This is imperative. Once a baseline laboratory evaluation and general state-of-health is obtained, a cost effective, managed-care program can be initiated to protect a patient’s physical and financial well-being.

Education about self-care and prevention of the spread of the disease is strongly emphasized at the onset of treatment. Depending on the stage of the disease when a patient is first seen, medications and treatment are prescribed to arrest preventable complications. The medical advances that have been made to date are enhancing the quality of many patients’ lives, yet there is no cure. A tremendous amount of research remains to be done.

With this in mind, there is a great deal of information about HIV disease on the internet. Some of the information you will find will be excellent and some of it will be unreliable. We have compiled these links to give you a starting point to good solid sites that will increase your knowledge about HIV.

As you explore, be discerning!