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Webinar: The Unseen Consequences of Prescription Drug Abuse

Objectives Understand the neurobiological basis of addictive disease Understand how deadly the stigma of opioid use disorder Overview of prescription drug abuse and how it relates as a driver for heroin and fentanyl abuse Review of an actual case of over-prescribing...

Webinar: Virologic Failure: Resistance is Not Futile!

Objectives Identify factors that influence drug resistance. Understand the methods available for measuring HIV drug resistance. Identify strategies for responding to detection of moderate to high levels of drug resistant HIV. Presented by: Nicole Leedy, MD Bluegrass...

Webinar: Refugee Health

Objectives Recognize the difference between a refugee, asylum seeker and internally displaced person Discuss the gravity of the refugee situation in the world today Discuss refugee vulnerability to HIV Identify what limits the optimization of care of HIV+ refugees in...

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