Hepatitis C Consultation Services
(844) 437-4636 | 9AM-5PM ET, M-F







The Clinician Consultation Center (CCC) provides up-to-date expert clinical advice to support clinicians managing patients with hepatitis C (HCV) and co-morbidities such as HIV co-infection or substance use disorder.  Advice provided is based on Federal treatment guidelines, current medical literature, and clinical best practices.


Consultation topics include:

  • HCV transmission & prevention
  • HCV screening & diagnostic testing
  • HCV staging & monitoring
  • Regimen selection & dosing
  • Drug interactions
  • HIV/HCV management strategies
  • Prior HCV treatment failure
  • ESRD/chronic kidney disease
  • Management of clinical problems – including cirrhosis and anemia
  • HCV in pregnancy


HIV/AIDS Warmline 800-933-3413
HIV Treatment, ARV decisions, complications, and co-morbidities

Hepatitis C Warmline 844-437-4636
HCV testing, staging, monitoring, treatment

Substance Use Warmline 855-300-3595
Substance use evaluation and management

Perinatal HIV Hotline 888-448-8765
Pregnant women with HIV or at-risk for HIV & their infants

PrEPline 855-448-7737
Pre-exposure prophylaxis for persons at risk for HIV

PEPline 888-448-4911
Occupational & non-occupational exposure management