Poster: Addressing a Critical Shortage in the HIV Workforce: Design and Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary HIV Student Symposium

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Elizabeth M. Sherman, PharmD, AAHIVP; Maia Goldenberg; Marylee V. Wormley, PharmD, BCPS; Mark Schweizer, DDS; Jose Castro, MD; Ana Garcia, PhD; Silvia Rabionet, EdD


  • Growing deficit of providers specializing in HIV/AIDS stymies efforts to improve care for persons living with HIV (PLWH)
  • Joint statement of the American Academy of HIV Medicine and the HIV Medicine Association on the HIV medical workforce

    “With the growing number of people living with HIV, a failure to promptly address medical workforce issues could lead to the collapse of the HIV care system – risking lives and the public health of communities across the country”


  • One solution to address this issue is engaging more students during their professional curriculum
  • We describe the results of a student HIV training symposium conducted at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) as a means to garner interest in HIV and strengthen commitments to provide clinical care for PLWH

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