Refining the HIV Research Enterprise

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Source: NIH

Every 7 years, NIH competitively renews its HIV clinical trial networks’ funding. As this process commences in 2017, NIH is working to refine its science-driven HIV research enterprise to deliver the innovative, efficient results we need to turn the corner on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The NIH HIV clinical trial networks have a robust track record of success, and we stand on the shoulders of past achievements to continue developing interventions to prevent and treat HIV. This effort will be guided by the NIH mission of using the best science to advance health and save lives, and will determine the focus and priorities of the NIH HIV clinical trial networks through 2027. With new opportunities for innovation and discovery within our grasp, focusing on high priority research questions while simplifying and streamlining administration will drive improvements in HIV prevention and treatment.

While the current network model historically has served only HIV research, the new structure will create a pool of interoperable sites that can address outbreaks of infectious disease. This new structure will use a fee-for-service model and will be scalable to allow for flexibility and rapid response to the threat of new and emerging infectious diseases, similar to the recent global disease outbreaks caused by Zika and Chikungunya viruses.

Everyone has a role to play in this process. Stakeholder input into network scientific direction, function and structure is key to creating a forward-looking agenda to help us achieve our shared goals. Visit the new webpage dedicated to this effort, and stay in touch with feedback, questions and comments at

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