Practice Transformation

Practice transformation is challenging and requires considerable effort and motivation within a practice, complemented by externals supports and resources.

Our PT work group approach includes specific attention to cultivating, supporting and sustaining longitudinal motivation within partnering practices, in addition to providing clinical and technological training and technical assistance.

Coaching for organizational capacity building and facilitating communities of practice are central to achieving transformation, and require deliberate attention and focus in parallel with specific educational content developed for delivery and dissemination within each clinic involved in the practice transformation project.

Building upon an expansive foundation of evidence-informed, practice-based tools the PT work group works in concert with the SE AETC Central Office, SLI, MAI and IPE work groups, and partner sites to develop a diverse portfolio of training and technical assistance tools, including technological, care delivery and coaching components.

University of Alabama at Birmingham is our Practice Transformation Lead Partner. Michael Mugavero, MD, along with his team, brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the SE AETC.


HIV Care Continuum

“The HIV care continuum is a model that outlines the sequential steps or stages of HIV medical care that people living with HIV go through from initial diagnosis to achieving the goal of viral suppression…” read more…

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Practice Transformation Curriculum

Courses within Curriculum
  • PT101 – The First 3 Months after HIV Diagnosis: A Clinical Approach
  • PT102 – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Daily medication to reduce HIV
  • PT103 – Caring for LGBTQ Youth & the Q Card
  • PT104 – Quality Improvement in HIV Care: Responsive, Team-based, and Data Powered
  • PT105 – The Many Lives of Data
  • PT106 – Project CONNECT: Evidence-Informed Linkage to HIV Care
  • PT107 – HIV Testing
  • PT108 – Linkage to Care



Engaged or Retained in Care

Achieved Viral Suppression